Campfire Cooking Basics Box

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Need a gift for your Camping and Outdoors Enthusiast?  One of the main things every nature lover needs is the essentials for cooking!  This box includes everything they will need.  We started off the box with a Mess Kit, which has all the essentials including a pot, pan, plate and cup.  But everyone knows you also need a good coffee mug and spork to eat with!  Fire is another basic necessity, so we have included a magnesium fire starter and Duraflame Firestarter log.  As night begins to fall, it is always good to have a compact light weight and flexible flashlight and emergency poncho that can be worn or transformed!  This kit will be extremely appreciate when received and even more when he or she is traveling through the woods.

The Campfire Cooking Basics Box includes...

Ozark "Mess Kit" (6.7 in Frying Pan, Plate, 7 ounce Cup, Lid, 0.5 qt Pot)

Camping Mug

Telescopic Flexible Flashlight

Duraflame Firestarter

Magnesium Fire Starter

Blue Spork

Emergency Poncho