New Kitty Cat Box

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Did you know someone that just got a new kitten/cat or will be soon?  Wouldn't it be fun to send them a special box to celebrate this new edition to their family? We thought so too. That is why we created this special box that includes all the essentials a new pet owner needs.  A thick woven mat where the food bowls can be placed to keep excess nibbles off the floor, along with two bowls- one for water and one for food.  Every new pet owner wants to play with their new friend, so we added some fun toys that will provide hours of fun for owner and pet alike!
The New Kitty Cat Box includes...

A Woven Rug for food and water bowls
2- Stainless Steel Bowls
2-Colorful Rattling Mice
Cat Prancer-- Natural Braded Linen Teaser
Kong Refillable Catnip Bear
Fun Wooden Painted Cat Shape