"Wine & Cheese Please" Charcuterie Board Basket

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The "Wine & Cheese Please" Charcuterie Board Basket includes...

  • Eucalyptus Wood Charcuterie Board that says " Wine and Cheese Board" *Note: The board is angled on the bottom, so the words appear to be crooked, but they are straight. 
  • Nickel & Dime Craft Cocktail Syrups Gift Pack-Flavors include... Caged Heat, Fairy Dust, Crimson Smoke, Cherry Bomb- 2 oz each
  • Olive Oil & Sea Salt Artisan Crackers- by Jocelyn & Co.- 4 oz
  • Butter Toasted Pecans by Good Earth Peanut Company- 3 oz
  • Tortuga Rum Cake-Flor de Cana - 4 oz
  • Guava Hawaii Fruit Paste by Maui Fruit Jewels- 4 oz
  • Hunter's Reserve Jalapeno Pepper Cheese- 4 oz
  • Hunter's Reserve Smoked Swiss Cheese- 4 oz
  • Cherry Honey Mustard- Sister Bees- 9.5 oz
  • Le Bon Magot- Sour Cherry & Pomegranate Conserve- 7 oz