Simple & Sincere Ways to Write Thank You to Customers

Simple & Sincere Ways to Write Thank You to Customers


February 20, 2023                                                                      by Katy Nelson

Source: Thank You Note Examples to Show Customers You Care

"Whether you’re sending them a postcard, or brownies, or genuinely saying ‘thank you so much for your business,’ you absolutely have to do that. These are real relationships, and it is a huge honor to serve them and take care of their property."

-Keith Kalfas, Landscaping Entrepreneur

How to write a thank you note

Businesses that show their customers real gratitude stand out. Sending a thank you card (virtually or via mail) is the most cost effective and easy way of doing so. Customers remember and pass on stories of sincere acts of appreciation and recognition. A simple note to them could not only inspire a greater loyalty to your business, it can also bring in new customer traffic.

Taking time to customize the note will have an even greater impact. Here are some tips and pointers on how to write a personalized thank you note (if you’re starting from scratch), as well as ten custom graphic templates we’ve created that are ready to use! 

1. Always start with “Thank you”

No business offers or sneaky sales pitches. Just a sincere thank you.

2. Use a signature.

A handwritten signature is a great way to add a personal touch. It shows that you truly had a hand in thanking them, rather than letting an AI program do the work.

3. Make it personal

Include the customer’s preferred name and a specific detail about your experience with them.
4. Keep it professional
Check your grammar and remember to sign off with a wish to continue working together, alongside your name, title, and business name.
 5. Go the extra mile
Use thank you cards designed by a local artist! Organizations that support local businesses attract positive attention. Beautiful graphics also act as free word-of-mouth advertising, when hung up on fridges, in frames, and placed on desks.

When to send thank you notes (according to Jobber)

  • First-time or loyal clients
  • Valued customers on their birthday or customer anniversary
  • Holidays
  • Customers who have left a review or referred new business
  • Clients who have booked specific, high-value services, such as packages or specialty services you offer
  • Customers who have booked reoccurring work
  • Every customer who has been invoiced in the last six months

Templates for saying thank you

Now that you have the basics for writing a thank you note, here are ten memorable and sincere message templates we’ve made that you can personalize and use for free!

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