Summer Road Trip Essentials

Summer Road Trip Essentials

There's always something that gets left behind in the hustle and bustle to leave for a family road trip. But here are a few of our packing essentials that you won't want to leave behind!

Family Game Night Bundle

Non-virtual Entertainment

Whether it's I-Spy, the license plate or alphabet game, entertainment is crucial for group sanity... especially on the 12+ hour trips. If you bring card games or board games, we recommend sliding a small piece of wood in between the car seats. Then, when you're ready to play, the wood acts as a lap table for the game pieces/cards. 

Though bickering might break out over the rules (at first), I've found that physical games build a better connection and allowed my family to practice forgiveness and good sportsmanship (haha, play Sorry and you'll see what I mean). Not a fan of games? Try bringing coloring books, your favorite novel, or a Q&A list to start conversation.


How to Build the Perfect Emergency Car Kit | Far & Wide

Homemade Emergency Roadside Kit


No one wants to experience a worst-case-scenario, but it's better to be prepared than not. Growing up, my family stored our first-aid and extra hygienic items in a metal lunch box. Bigger items, like a heavy blanket, rain poncho, and tire pump we stuffed into a big 'ol canvas bag. It's nice to carry these items year-round, so that when you do road trip it's already packed.

The Yorker Snack Pack

Fun Snacks 

 Snacks are a must, especially if you find yourself on the later end of a meal time... with the nearest restaurant over an hour away. Trust me, the collective hangry mood swing is NOT a fun time. Try packing snacks local to the place you're going to get in the spirit! Going to Pennsylvania? Bring along some Hershey's chocolate treats or Herr's chips.

Best Wireless Headphones

Handy Tech

Using a GPS off your phone? Get a phone mount! When travelling alone, this is especially helpful. I'm a visual person, and looking down at my Google Maps was a no-go. Going off of audio only, I'd often miss exits or turns and had to re-route. A mount makes a huge difference.

Charging blocks also come in handy, just in case your vehicle dies or you have no way to charge devices in your car. Riding passenger? Headphones come in handy, if you want to make the time pass faster by listening to an audio book or your favorite playlist.

* * *

Prepared travel makes the experience a lot less stressful, and we hope this list of our top essentials help you prep for your next summer trip! 

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