8 Hosting Hacks for Your Fourth of July Bash

8 Hosting Hacks for Your Fourth of July Bash

Create A Collaborative Playlist

Ever wish you had an inside to your guests’ personal music tastes? Want everyone to enjoy the atmosphere at your next get-together? A collaborative playlist on music streaming platforms is a great way to make sure everyone enjoys your 4th of July tunes. Just invite friends on the platform to join, and voila! You can begin curating a collection of songs together.

Check. The. Weather.

Enough said. More often than not, our 4th of July bashes get rained out. If the rain is light enough, and you’re willing to brave it, setting up a tarp ahead of time ensures that the party will go on, rain or no.

Extra Seating, Lighting, & Center Pieces

It’s always awkward to run out of seating for extra guests, and extra people tend to show up at 4th of July parties. As a host, it’s never a bad idea to bring out a few extra lawn chairs, picnic blankets, or foldable seats… just in case.

String lights and center pieces bring together the vibe or look of a party. They are especially useful in tying together an outdoor space. Especially as the sky grows dark, and people prepare for fireworks and sparklers, yard lights set up ahead of time will save you a great deal of hassle.

For center pieces: paper fans, streamers, and fabric banners are quick and easy. Want to go the extra mile? Patriotic flowers and star cutouts add a bit of pizzaz. But if there’s potentially rain in your forecast, best stick to balloons and waterproof tablecloths.


Fireworks & S’mores Stations

Give your friends and family the freedom to begin s’mores at their leisure! With a s’mores flight/bar, there’s no awkward waiting for something sweet. Some people finish their meal quickly, others wait until the start of fireworks to begin roasting their sugar-spun desert. With a prepared s’mores spread, there’s more time you can spend enjoying the company of your guests. S’mores bonus: no worries about melting ice cream or ice pops. Although, keeping the chocolate bars in the shade isn’t a bad idea. Club Encourage’s S’mores Baskets come ready to use and our S’mores Flight is perfect for a group gathering!

A pre-setup firework station can also save you a good deal of running about. But if you have kiddos about, it’s probably best to keep that station a secret until the stars come out.

Backyard Games

For those who love to stay active or prefer to avoid the social scene, yard games are a must! Whether it’s corn hole, bocce ball, or yard-sized connect four, yard games help new guests get acquainted in a less-intimidating environment.

Festive Charcuterie Boards

A simple, but easy way to make your setting more festive: themed food! Charcuterie boards are easily customizable and require little prep work. Simply gather a good mix or sweet and savory snacks (red, white, and blue) and arrange them on a food tray or cutting board. You can also go the traditional route and bake a flag cake or fruit pie. Want a bigger board for your charcuterie set-up? Or perhaps you want a customized board just for the occasion? Club Encourage Gifts offers an engraving service for wood, acrylic, and leather products.

Specialty Drinks

Whether it’s fruit-infused water, fresh-squeezed lemonade, or fruit punch, cold beverages on a hot 4th are a non-negotiable. Creating unique drinks for guests can be a really fun activity, if you have the time. However, “pre-mixed” flavor combos make refreshers even less of a hassle. Cold brew beverages are great, and the Sweet Tea Flight from Club Encourage Gifts is a good option for those who love a fruity drink.

Cookout Bar

Chili in crockpots, buns on tiered trays, sauces in fancy bottles, casseroles and other specialty sides ready to serve: all of these are small ways to amp up your typical Cookout setup.


Party Favors

Growing up, I remember receiving little jars of red, white, and blue preserves. Whoever thought of the idea, thank you! It kept me thinking of my time during the 4th of July well into the month, and the gift didn’t go to waste. Left-over fireworks and sparklers can also be a great way to give a warm farewell to your guests!

Despite the option to decorate and go all-out for the 4th of July, it was the company that I spent it with that made the holiday truly celebratory and memorable. Whether you decide to decorate or not; cookout or not; watch fireworks or not; Club Encourage hopes you’ll be able to enjoy your 4th surrounded by your loved ones— formal party or no.

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