About Us

In May 2015, I started a ministry. Each month, I and my team of prayer and financial supporters sent monthly encouragement packages to a group of church planting pastors' wives in Pennsylvania. On numerous occasions, we received messages that these gifts could not have come at a better time. What made these packages so special? Each one was personally picked with the recipient in mind and sent with a personal letter or card.

In November 2020, we began thinking. If these curated gifts made such an impact, why not offer them to others? But, I had to include the secret sauce that was so important- the Personal Touch! Working alongside each client, to make sure their gift was as perfect for them and their gift recipient. That is why "Club" is the first part of the name- my clients and I are a Team that work together to encourage their gift recipients. That is how Club Encourage Gifts started!

So check out our shop!  There are new limited-edition gifts added regularly that are sure to meet your needs-- with a personal touch in each one!  Don't see something you would like, then request a custom gift be created!  Each gift is hand chosen for your gift recipient in mind by me- Julianne!  And I believe that each of these gifts need to tell a meaningful story that your gift recipient will deeply appreciate.

We look forward to encouraging your special someone!