Anticipating & Celebrating The New Year

Anticipating & Celebrating The New Year

Resolutions are not the only way to welcome the new year! Oftentimes they can leave us discouraged, disappointed, or burnt out. Resolutions not your thing? Here are some traditional and nontraditional things you can try instead.

1. Eat "Lucky" Foods

In Spain and Portugal locals eat twelve grapes or raisins, and in Italy twelve spoonfuls of lentils-- one with each of the twelve chimes of the clock. In Estonia, many feast up to 7 or even 12 times on New Year’s Eve, believing that, for each meal consumed, the person gains the strength of that many men the following year. In France the New Year's food of choice is a stack of pancakes. Germans enjoy marzipan shaped into a pig for luck. In the Netherlands, doughnuts and ring-shaped foods are favored. 

2. Look Ahead

Creating a list of things you're looking forward to in the new year can be a refreshing exercise. Will there be a big life change in the coming year? A graduation, birthday celebration, or a special anniversary? Are you looking forward to a new TV show, book series, or video game that's coming out? Or perhaps you're excited about the changing of the seasons all over again? Do you have new recipes you want to try? New hobbies to pursue? Create some excitement for the upcoming year!

3. Look Back

After creating a sense of anticipation for the New Year, why not reminisce on the past one? Recording lessons learned can be encouraging to you as well! Even though many of the things we learn are hard-earned and often associated with negative events, they can also be reassuring. You know that little voice... the one that asks, "Did I get anything done this year?" A list of lessons learned can be the retort you need. Life is a journey, a marathon! Some goals may never be finished here and now, and that's ok.

4. Book A Vacation

Try treating yourself to a getaway! Whether it's a trip to Europe you've dreamt about for years past, a long weekend in a nearby city, or a summer staycation with family, not only will a trip be something else to look forward to, it will also be a way to remember 2024 for years to come.

5. Find Community

Lastly, rather than committing to new things to do, why not become more intentional to the loved ones who are already in your life? Schedule coffee dates, plan weekend brunches, go to a workshop or class with someone, or fit in weekly date nights with your significant other. Maybe finding contentment in what we already have can be even more satisfying than obtaining what we don't.

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