Celebrate Autumn: Gifting Seasonally

Celebrate Autumn: Gifting Seasonally

September is here! Despite the waning of warmer weather and summer’s adventurous, spontaneous spirit, the crisp air, bright foliage and grey skies can prompt a much needed change of pace. For many, Autumn is a season of warmth, comfort, exploration, and reflection— a time to slow down, driven indoors by the cold, to spend quality time with friends and family.

It's also the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care through gifting that celebrates the season. In my experience, this season’s time of reflection often leads to the best and most memorable gifts.

The In-between

The best thing about dropping temps? No sunny season FOMO. Meditation is often best experienced in a place that mimics the headspace you want to be in, and observing the change in one’s life comes to the forefront in the transitional period of fall.

For those who love to spend their evenings snuggled up at home, there are plenty of cozy autumn gifts to choose from. A soft throw blanket, a scented candle, or a new book are all great options that will help create a warm, introspective, and inviting atmosphere. A gift basket filled with hot chocolate, marshmallows, and other s’mores treats are perfect to help a group of people spend a cozy night in together.

Comfy Home Basket

Though staying in becomes a perk to some, autumn still offers a plethora of outdoor activities. Bug-free, flannel-wearing temps are great for longer hikes, and the ever-changing environment offers something new every day. From colorful fungi to increasingly active critters, fall is also a season of exploration.

Consider gifting your adventurous friend a hiking or camping trip (airbnb fees or gas money, for example), or a new piece of outdoor gear like a sturdy backpack or a warm jacket. If you’re unsure what to get someone, a gift card to a local outdoor store is also a great choice, since it allows them to choose the gear that best fits their needs. Your friends don’t have time to travel far? Plan a backyard camping night! Try gifting a set of string lights or a gingham picnic blanket to create a warm, welcoming environment.

Outdoor Adventure Basket

Inspiration For Creation

For the creative soul in your life, autumn inspires as sense of honing. While spring is a time of new beginnings, fall asks us to find beauty in unyielding change— to cut off the unnecessary things in anticipation of something better, to sharpen what is dull.

Consider giving your artistic friend a class or workshop to help them hone their skills. You could also gift them with a beautiful journal or sketchbook, or a set of autumn-themed stationery. Want to personalize the gift even further? Try custom engraving their monogram, or an autumnal quote or pattern. Remember, these category of gifts are not exclusive to your “artsy” friends. Virtually any hobby qualifies as a creative act!

Leather Journal Log

Thrill & Chill

Two widely celebrated holidays also fall during this season: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Gifts in these two categories can often be impractical. One way to ensure these themed gifts are enjoyed and remembered- for more than one to two months out of the year- is to give experience-based gifts. Try gifting tickets to a pumpkin patch, hay-ride, ren faire, or corn maze! Are your giftees thrill-seekers? Get tickets to a scary escape room or haunted house instead.

All in all, autumn gifting should celebrate the beauty and warmth of the season! Whether that’s spending time alone in the changing scenery, gathering with others over a warm, seasonal meal, or enjoying the upcoming festivities… gifting time, experiences, or physical gifts catalyzes a wonder-filled transition into winter, without dismissing everything fall has to offer.

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